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Kosovo - Perceptions of war and it´s aftermath

Kosovo - Perceptions of war and it´s aftermath

Mary Buckley, Sally N. Cummings
Continuum, 2001, London, brožovaná, anglický jazyk, angličtina, 288 str., pěkný stav. Nato intervention in Kosovo marked a major turning point in post cold war international relations. While some western commentators argued that it was the first war to be fought on purely moral grounds, Serbian, Russian and Chinese assessments were sharply different.This highly original addition to the literature on Kosovo highlights the importance of perspective to an understanding of both the causes and consequences of war. It makes clear that the conceptual lenses, paradigms or frameworks through which political actors view reality in turn affect their understanding of the behaviour of others and their reactions to it. The authors, a team of regional experts on the countries covered, examine the way the war has been understood in countries involved in and peripheral to the conflict. Their aim is to provide a broad yet highly nuanced picture of this focal point of Balkan unrest.The book opens with an introduction to the historical and regional context of the conflict. The authors go on to present twelve case-studies, ranging from Serbia, and the other former Yugoslav republics, to the USA and to China. These detailed regional studies highlight the considerable variation in the key states perceptions of their national interest and their perceptions of what constitutes legality or legitimacy. In each case, domestic constraints are explored and the ways in which differing perspectives of political and military leadership fed into the crisis are examined. Further thematic chapters determine the wars consequences and the lessons to be drawn in terms of the wider issues of refugees, humanitarian intervention, European security, and geopolitics.

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