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Managing for the Future - Organizational Behavior and Processes

Managing for the Future - Organizational Behavior and Processes

Ancona, Kochan, Scully, van Maanen, Westney
ITP, 1998, USA, brožovaná, anglický jazyk, angličtina, pěkný stav. Managing for the Future is an innovative approach to teaching organizational behavior based on the course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The text first presents the new organization, examining it through strategic, political, and cultural lenses. Then the role and impact of teams and central issues facing the organization itself are explored. The last section of the text focuses on skills--the goal being not only to present the new organization but also illustrate how students can become better actors within it. Each of the 14 modules provides many instructional options through cases, readings, exercises and projects. Managing for the Futures modular format allows for even greater flexibility, allowing instructors to select only the topics they need to suit their course needs. Managing for the Futures flexible design and its experiential-based approach make the text and appealing choice for todays MBA students.

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